Belles du Sud Rosé


66 € TTC the box of 6 bottles

Marries pretty well with BBQs, before dinner, and on Asian meals (sushis, curry, and every other exotic spices).

Varietal range:
blend of Cinsault, for the finesse, and Grenache Gris for the spicy aspect.

Soil types:
located on the Terrasses de l’Orbieu, in the very heart of the Languedoc area, close to the sea. Calcareous soil on clay. Warm and dry climate.

Vineyard management:
trained vines, 15-year old vine stocks, pruned with the Guyot method. The train gives the leaves the ability to keep the freshness of the grapes.

harvest at night, gentle direct pressing. Free-run wine there only, cold maceration, also cold fermentation during three days at 16°C.

Tasting notes:
salmon wine dress, clean and bright. The mouth is spicy and floral, with exotic aromas (pink grapefruit). The tannins are bright and five balance to the wine. Real feeling of lightness due to the 10% alcohol degree. Refreshing mouth.