Orange de Cicéron


132 € TTC the box of 6 bottles

Perfect for white poultry dishes, pan-fried mushrooms. and hard cheese such as Comté or Beaufort.

SOIL Vineyard located in the high terraces of Corbières in the town of Ribaute. It benefits from a Mediterranean climate where
daytime warmth is balanced by nighttime coolness due to its average altitude. This fosters the aromatic development of the
grapes during maturation, allowing for the crafting of a range of concentrated wines while maintaining balance in acidity. The
Verdejo plot is planted in a marly soil.
WINEMAKING Throughout the fermentation process, the juice remains in contact with the grape skin. This allows for a gentle extraction of aromatic compounds and those that give the characteristic color to the orange wine. After 3 weeks in amphorae, the wine is
transferred to barrels where it will develop its complexity. We age the wine in barrels for 9 months before bottling it on the eve of the new harvest.
TASTING NOTES An approachable orange wine that reflects the identity of the Verdejo with its citrus notes and orange blossom aromas. Some
pleasant green notes reminding the fennel are revealed on the palate with a discreet hint of flint on the final, a characteristic of our terroir.