Le Jardin de Vignes Rares Cabernet Franc


84 € TTC the box of 6 bottles

Cabernet Franc is one of a collection of 5 “atypical” grape varieties represented on the terroir of Château Cicéron: including Cabernet Franc, Albariño, and Verdejo, each with clone and root-stock selection adapted to the patchwork of soils.

SOIL implanted in marl terrain
WINEMAKING Juice and grape-skin mingle: the vinifying process can now begin. Vat temperature is lowered to around 12°C. This chilled pre-fermentation steeping lasts 4 to 8 days. The vat is then heated, allowing primary (alcoholic) fermentation to be set off by the yeasts.
TASTING NOTES Deep in colour with shades of violet. An intense nose based on very ripe black fruit aromas, slightly spicy, while at the same time very fresh and markedly floral. This wine is powerful, delectable, rich. Its tannic density is graced with a preserved freshness and a lovely silkiness. Serving temperature: 18°C

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