Fauve Rosé


54 € TTC the box of 6 bottles

The Fauve rosé makes the perfect partner for seasonal platters and assortments. It can be served with cold dishes such as guacamole, salmon, gizzard salad or soft goat’s cheese, or alternatively with more elaborate dishes such as veal tagine and paella. Also ideal as an aperitif.

Varietal range: Blend of Syrah and Grenache.

Soil types: Clay-limestone soils.

Vineyard management: Old trellised vines trained using the Cordon de Royat system. 6 to 7 buds are left after pruning to restrict yields and promote fruit ripening.

Winemaking: The grapes are harvested by night to preserve the freshness of the fruit, then go direct-to-press in a pneumatic press. Only the first juice is kept and is fermented at low temperatures (18°C) over a short period (7 days). After alcoholic fermentation, the wine is stored in stainless steel tanks with a good level of carbon dioxide for 4 to 6 months.

Tasting notes: Light colour, nose of raspberry and blackcurrant. The palate is supple and satisfying. Great balance and very rounded with easy-drinking juiciness coupled with a hint of spice.